Insight to Help You Plan for and Complete a Yard Landscaping Project With Sand

Posted on: 16 July 2021

Sand in your landscaping projects can provide a great medium to add to and supplement areas of your yard landscaping to improve the soil and its use and to also create hardscaping and other paving additions. However, when you are planning a project with sand, make sure you handle the project from start to finish with the right delivery, set up, and management of the sand materials. Here are some recommendations to help you with your upcoming landscaping project and sand delivery.
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Two Situations in Which You Should Get a Loved One Gardening-Related Giftware

Posted on: 10 December 2020

If you're going gift shopping for someone and are in one of these situations, you should get them some gardening-related giftware. 1. They've fallen out of love with gardening If this person owns a garden and seems to have fallen out of love with what was once their favourite activity, then you might want to look for gardening-related giftware. Oftentimes, when a person loses interest in a hobby, it is because they get stuck in a rut and feel uninspired.
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How Often Should You Replace or Replenish the Mulch in Your Garden?

Posted on: 19 November 2019

If you plan on maintaining a beautiful and flourishing garden all year round, it's important you understand how best to use mulch. Mulch helps to keep away weeds and create optimal growing conditions for your plants and trees. However, mulch doesn't last forever. Therefore, you need to ensure that you replace or replenish it, depending on your needs, at the right time. Are you unsure of the right mulch timeline for your garden?
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Tips for Choosing the Right Lawnmower for Your Yard

Posted on: 7 December 2015

A lawnmower is an investment that should last you for years, but you won't be happy with your lawnmower if you simply choose the smallest and cheapest model that doesn't work well for your lawn. You also don't want to go overboard and buy the largest model available only to find out it's actually too large for your space or offers more power than you really need. Note a few tips for choosing the right lawnmower for your yard so you know you'll get a model that will work for you.
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