The advantages of hiring a skip bin in comparison to a garbage compactor

Posted on: 5 November 2015

If you're renovating your home, or performing some sort of landscaping in your garden, you'll have a lot of waste to get rid of. The easiest solution to take care of this issue is to hire something to handle your garbage. The two most common options are to hire a skip bin or a garbage compactor. Both of these have their advantages and their downsides, so when you need to hire garbage disposal service of some kind, you should know a little bit about both of these.

The cost

A skip bin hire service is probably the cheapest option of these two. The only real cost for hiring a skip bin is the actual price you pay to rent it. A garbage compactor is usually more expensive, as it's a more complex item. It can also come with unforeseen costs if it gets jammed or breaks during the process, as you'll need to repair it. A skip bin needs no maintenance at all, except if you need to move it.

Environmental aspect

The environmental aspect is also something to keep in mind. Skip bin hire services usually make sure to recycle as much of the waste as possible. Many companies offer discounts for when you fill the bin with similar materials, as it then will be easier to recycle. A garbage compactor shreds all materials regardless of what they are, which makes recycling much more difficult. It does, however, have an environmentally friendly aspect to it, as it bundles all of the trash together. This makes it take up less space in the landfill.


The safety aspect is where garbage compactors have an advantage over bins. A skip bin is a welcome target for dumpster divers, and even if you keep the bin on your property, there's no guarantee you won't get any unwelcome visitors. A garbage compactor is not just unattractive to dumpster divers as all the material in it is shredded, but it's also very hard to enter. To increase the safety in your skip bin, you can put a fence up around it, or get a bin with a roof that you can lock when you don't need to use the bin.


Lastly, using a garbage compactor can make your work proceed significantly slower, as everybody using it will have to know the proper safety precautions. The shredding process can also take a while and can't be left unattended. If you're using a skip bin, the only thing you need to do is to throw the rubbish away which can save time.

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