Tips for Choosing the Right Lawnmower for Your Yard

Posted on: 7 December 2015

A lawnmower is an investment that should last you for years, but you won't be happy with your lawnmower if you simply choose the smallest and cheapest model that doesn't work well for your lawn. You also don't want to go overboard and buy the largest model available only to find out it's actually too large for your space or offers more power than you really need. Note a few tips for choosing the right lawnmower for your yard so you know you'll get a model that will work for you.

1. Electric versus gas-powered

An electric lawnmower will mean less maintenance as it won't have a spark plug, oil pan, and the like. You might also prefer to not handle gasoline and oil and feel that an electric lawnmower is safer. However, note that an electric model will always be more lightweight and less rugged than a mower powered with a gas engine. This is a good choice for small lawns where the grass is not very thick, but it may not offer enough power for larger lawns where grass may tend to get wet and heavy and where you might more readily run over twigs, pebbles, and the like.

2. Maneuverability

A larger lawnmower can help you make quick work of a large lawn, but getting one that is too large to work around landscaping features, trees, and the like can be a mistake. This will mean more work with the weed whacker once you've cut the grass! Note the turning radius of any larger mower and if this would work around your outdoor features. Note too the width of the a mower; if it's too wide to fit between a tree and your garage, it's too big for your needs.

3. Horsepower

Most lawnmowers are self-propelled with a certain amount of horsepower to push them along. If your property is very hilly, you may need to invest in a higher horsepower to help get the mower up those hills. This is especially true if the mower is large and heavy, as this can weigh down the mower itself and cause you to work harder to push the mower up the hill. You may also find that a riding mower can't even make it up the incline. Additionally, you might find you want more horsepower for thicker grass, and if the grass tends to grow taller than average, choose larger or taller wheels so the mower can easily make its way over the surface of your lawn.


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